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“…is extraordinary. Superb dynamics, low and middle tones, high fidelity, perfect spatial rendering. …another important comment: inaudible pump rumble.”
- Pasquale R., Italy, January, 2004
“I am up and running- the new motor is silent and this sucker seems to be getting better and better as time goes on. I am very pleased with what you have done for me and very glad that I purchased this turntable. It’s amazing. (Millennia Motor Upgrade)”
- David W., Warsaw, IL, February, 2004
“My wife and I moved into a new home which allowed me to create a more ideal listening environment then my last residence. I can now enjoy the table to it’s fullest… it’s a great piece of equipment! Great conversation piece as well. It’s singing like a choir of angles! The Star/Graham combo is out of this world…the Reflex Clamp completes the package. You have secured a dedicated SOTA advocate! …I will never stray from my first true analog love. Thanks again…your service is an example others should strive to attain. (Refurbished Star)”
- Mike L., Annandale, VA, March, 2004
“This is my second Comet, and it’s even better than the first one. It’s more musical than my CD player system – so many good qualities- excellent bass, smooth mids, and highs, subdues any record noise – very quiet! It’s a quality product!”
- Dr. Nicholas J., Loudon, TN, March, 2004
- discussing the Comet V
“It was well worth the wait and sounds GREAT!”
- Bill B., Raleigh, NC, April, 2004
- discussing the Moonbeam IV
“!#@!%* incredible. The machine does.”
- Al F., Mundelein, IL, July, 2004
“…a lot of improvements. No comparison and very reasonably priced. I can’t believe the difference. (Sapphire Upgrade to Series V Star)”
- Ben S., Vestal, NY, July, 2004
““…been a delight. 16 yrs. old and still marvelous. Most trouble free item I’ve purchased in my life (and my Maytag).”
- Paul W., Lincoln, CA, August, 2004
- discussing the Sapphire VI
“Wow! Far exceeded my expectations. Even my wife noticed the difference. Better than CD’s.”
- James C., Valparaiso, IN, August, 2004
- discussing the Comet V
“I am very much pleased… It sounds simply fantastic. Should you be in Germany you are warmly invited.”
- Theo V., Wiesental, Germany, August, 2004
“You did what you said and I’m very, very happy. Night and day improvements.”
- Mark Y., East Brunswick, NY, September, 2004
“10 out of 10 in execution. I’m delirious.”
- Dimitri, Athens, Greece, October, 2004
“My first ‘high-end’ table in 20 years…but not my last. This is a great machine!”
- John C., Framingham, MA, September, 2004
- discussing the Comet V