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Comet VI Photo

Comet VI

You will be floored by the rich detail that flows through your ears

$2,125 base price

Listening to the Comet, you will be floored by the rich detail that flows through your ears. The additional weight of the Comet’s design allows for improved levels of vibration control. The Comet’s platter spins on top of an interior dampened plinth utilizing constrained layer technology.

Wood Veneer choices allow you to match the Comet’s exterior finish to your house’s interior design concepts. The Comet delivers performance at a price point that is unattainable by our competition.

The Comet turntable includes the precision S330 tonearm, a one-piece, tapered arm-tube design, which yields exceptional performance. The Rega RB330 tonearm offers adjustable anti-skating, damped cueing and can accommodate a wide range of cartridges.

SOTA turntables have a lifetime trade-in value, your investment in SOTA will never become outdated or obsolete. In twenty years you may want the new SOTA and you can trade in your old model.

Comet Features


Rega RB330


Ortofon 2M Blue + $236.00

Constrained Platter Design

Dual Acrylic Platter assembled  with internal energy damping material.

Record Interface Mat (RIM)

Allows for the best possible record-to-mat interface.

Sub Platter

White Polyoxymethylene precision-machined

Bearing Cup

360 Brass

Bearing Shaft

Stainless steel, hand lapped to every bearing cup


Hardened chrome ball


3.125” Medium Density Fiberboard with constrained dampening material


Adjustable height brass soft spike design, pad optional


24-pole AC synchronous motor.


33/45 rpm


Aircraft grade aluminum, dual speed design


Oak, American Cherry, American Walnut wood veneer

The Comet dust cover is available as an additional accessory.

Comet Specs


Less than -65db unweighted (10cm/sec @ 1000 Hz)

Wow & Flutter

Less than .1% RMS (DIN 45-507)


Two layers of 3/8″ thick plexiglass, sandwiching energy-absorbing, damping materials, topped with an interface mat


24-pole AC synchronous motor

Bearing Assembly

Stainless Steel shaft on hardened chrome steel ball


Belt drive


33.3 and 45 rpm


26 lb (12 kg)


6-1/4″ H (to top of dust cover), 18-1/4″ W, 14-1/4 ” D