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Cosmos Eclipse Photo

Cosmos Eclipse

$10,500 base price

The SOTA Cosmos is the ultimate suspension turntable. The Cosmos shares its platter and suspension system with the Nova and Sapphire but differs from the Nova and Sapphire in its sub-chassis, featuring an entire sub-chassis of 1” aircraft-grade aluminum. The result of this is a very musical turntable with crisp, realistic highs, musical mids, and clear, defined lows.

SOTA’s beloved high-performance turntable option now benefits from an entirely new electronics system. New for 2023, the Cosmos will come standard with the series VII Eclipse electronics package, giving truly state of the art speed control thanks to the innovative technology of Phoenix Engineering.

The use of the new 3-phase motor in this package, combined with the mounting of the motor to the cabinet instead of the sub-chassis, as well as noise floor improvements from the new mag-lev platter assembly, yields a new Cosmos that is significantly quieter than older models.

The Condor is housed in a separate Aluminum enclosure that will need 8” X 8.625” X 2.125” (length, width, height) and weighs 2lbs 9 oz. The single LCD screen now shows both the condor & roadrunner data on the display and has class A amplifiers inside that generate a cleaner signal to improve the sound quality.
The Cosmos Eclipse is available with and without vacuum hold-down systems.

Custom wood options include, but are not limited to African Rosewood, Mahogany, Figured Maple, and Italian Ebony.

SOTA turntables have a lifetime trade-in value, your investment in SOTA will never become outdated or obsolete. In twenty years you may want the new SOTA and you can trade in your old model.

Cosmos Eclipse Features


1” aircraft grade aluminum platform with acrylic. 22 lbs. balanced to your tonearm.


Individually-balanced, one-piece, cast aluminum platter, CNC precision-machined, internally damped. 9 lbs. Topped with vinyl mat, (with molded silicone vacuum lip and anti-static Groove Damper Mat on vacuum tables)

Platter Fixture

Stainless Steel shaft, machined sintered bronze sleeves hand fit for each table. Platter levitates on the force of opposing magnets.

Armboard Mount

Multi-Layer Acrylic

Power supply

120V or 240V compatible (13”x8”x5” transformer box for Vacuum tables).

Linear power supply for non vacuum Cosmos turntables. 120V or 240V compatible.


3-phase AC Synchronous motor with Phoenix Engineering Condor T motor control. .01 RPM adjustment, <.5% signal distortion, +-.003% frequency accuracy. Paired with Phoenix Engineering Roadrunner tachometer to constantly monitor and adjust platter speed to within +-.005 RPM of desired speed.


33.3, 45 & 78 rpm with independent fine tuning


2 layer phenolic resin T6061 aluminum, weight balanced to tonearm of choice

Dust Cover

Available upon request


Optional custom finish or American cherry or walnut standard finishes always stocked.


Two year parts and labor

Cosmos Eclipse Specs


Four point spring-suspended sub-chassis


Belt drive


44 lbs. (20 kg) turntable


7-1/2″ H (to top of dust cover), 20-1/4″ W, 16-1/2″ D