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Eclipse Package Photo

Eclipse Package

$975 base price Includes the Eclipse Motor and Condor Power Supply

Since installation and some retrofitting may be required, we suggest working through an authorized dealer. All prices are for products only and do not include additional retrofit components that may be necessary for your specific turntable.

The Eclipse package is a turntable electronics package available on any new Sapphire, Nova, or Cosmos. It features a low-vibration 3-phase AC Synchronous motor with Phoenix Engineering Condor motor control.

This system will replace your motor, eliminating the 120Hz hum or squeak when you power up the unit. It starts at 5 RPM and gradually speeds up, getting rid of belt burnout. The motor is incredibly quiet and will not resonate into your system. The speed is rock solid, but because there’s a belt involved the turntable is subject to slight variation in speeds after time due to (among many things) thermal drift as the bearing cup heats up.

More Information

Condor owner’s manual
Condor Motor Diagram

Eclipse Package Specs

Condor Specifications

Power Supply

24VDC wall adapter

Current Intake

500mA nominal Normal; 20mA Standby; 5mA sleep


3 Phase AC Sinewave 3-24V, frequency dependent


1 Hz to 100.0 Hz in 35 ?Hz steps




±1.0 RPM in 0.1 RPM steps Normal Mode
±1.0 RPM in 0.01 RPM steps Calibration Mode

Freq. Stability

Crystal controlled ±30PPM

Freq Accuracy