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Escape Photo


$1,900 base price

SOTA’s Escape turntable again brings unparalleled performance to the price point. Three phase synchronous motor controlled by the Condor PSU drives a clean, clear, precise speed. With a 1/2″ phenolic resin plinth the plinth does an incredible job of removing vibrations. Sound clarity is found with the speed stability of the Eclipse package. More separation of instruments and voices create a soundstage that is breathtaking at a price point that is not. The stock tonearm is the RB 220, but the Escape mount accommodates Origin Live, SME, Rega, Audiomod, and many other tonearms. 360 brass spike feet with pads for improved imaging and sonics finish off the table.

For the ultimate in speed control consider adding the optional Roadrunner tachometer. This will provide feedback to the condor and ensure speed stability throughout the longest of listening sessions.

  • Ultimate 3-phase brushless AC synchronous motor with low vibration
  • Ultimate Condor digital power source with crystal-controlled motor speed precision in 33-1/3, 45, and 78 RPM operation. Technology licensed through Phoenix Engineering
  • Optional RoadRunner tachometer with built-in accumulated time counter. Runner directly connects to the Condor’s power supply for completely automatic fine-adjustment operation. Add $525 to the below cost for an installed RoadRunner.
  • 1” Clear acrylic platter with hand-lapped steel shaft in 360 brass bearing cup standard
  • 1.5″ Clear acrylic platter with hand-lapped steel shaft in 360 brass bearing cup for an additional $100.00.
  • 1/2” thick phenolic resin plinth with interchangeable tonearm base
SOTA turntables have a lifetime trade-in value, your investment in SOTA will never become outdated or obsolete. In twenty years you may want the new SOTA and you can trade in your old model.