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Linear Power Supply for Condor and Roadrunner Photo

Linear Power Supply for Condor and Roadrunner

$395 base price

The new Linear Power supply will run both the Condor and Roadrunner from one IEC connection. You now can change power cables to “voice” your system as you would with other pieces in your sound system.

The linear power supply functions at the same voltage as the switching transformers that are supplied with Condor and Roadrunner, but are a much cleaner power source. The result is a cleaner sound stage and more micro-dynamic presentation.

If you are someone that cannot tell the difference between a lamp cord and an audiophile-grade cable this is not for you. If you love the tiniest details to improve and dial in your system this is for you.

This kit comes with:

  1. One power cable
  2. Two 6′ connection cables. One for the condor and one for the roadrunner
  3. One linear power supply