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Nova VII Photo

Nova VII

The Nova’s sub-chassis, heavier and stiffer than previous models, yields a sound with more life and clarity than ever before.

$7,000 base price

The Nova utilizes the same beloved suspension system used throughout the Heritage Series. Unique to the Nova VII is the inclusion of a 1” milled aluminum brace, Stainless counterweights, and Acrylic tonearm well on the sub-chassis.

This more robust design leads to a sub-chassis that is heavier and stiffer than the previous sub-chassis and yields a sound with more life and clarity than ever before. The counterbalance weights are now 303 Stainless steel that couple to knurled brass nuts that show below the sub-chassis. This new counterbalancing improves tonal response and maintains the Sota sound that we have been known for.

Despite all the innovations, to keep with SOTA’s history of making quiet, reliable, American-made vacuum and standard turntables, the new Nova VII is available with or without the option of our legendary vacuum hold-down system.

Vacuum Hold-Down

No matter what else is on your rack, high-fidelity playback is not possible without a flat record. Clamps and weights may yield various sonic improvements, but they often fail to completely flatten the records near their outside edges. Our proprietary, self-sensing vacuum system solves this problem without introducing noise or reliability issues.

The record seats onto the rubber mat lip at the edge of the platter. A vacuum pump located in the power supply box removes the air between the platter surface and the record. With the record flat on the platter, our circuitry senses the vacuum seal in place on the platter and dramatically drops the pump power, greatly reducing any pump noise, and resulting in a remarkably quiet vacuum hold-down system. Better yet, this progression happens in seconds, so as to not inconvenience listeners.

You can build your Nova without the Vacuum holds down and have an incredible-sounding turntable at a fraction of the cost. All Sota’s are upgradable and we want you to first and foremost have the experience of the Sota Sound.

SOTA turntables have a lifetime trade-in value, your investment in SOTA will never become outdated or obsolete. In twenty years you may want the new SOTA and you can trade in your old model.

Nova VII Features


½” phenolic resin platform with 1” aircraft grade aluminum and acrylic. 22 lbs. Balanced to your tonearm.


Individually-balanced, three-piece, billet T6061 aluminum platter, CNC precision-machined, internally damped. 9 lbs. Topped with vinyl mat, (with molded silicone vacuum lip and anti-static Groove Damper Mat on vacuum tables)

Platter Assembly

Stainless Steel shaft, Titanium Nitride coated, machined silicone bronze bushing honed to fit each shaft. Platter levitates on the force of opposing magnets.

Armboard Mount

Phenolic Resin & T6061 Aluminum creates rigidity with sonic excellence.

Power supply

5”x4”x3.25” transformer box, 120V or 240V compatible, fuse-protected. (13”x8”x5” for Vacuum tables)


Series VII Eclipse package with three-phase BLDC motor Condor T PSU with Class A amplifiers and external tachometer.


33.3 & 45 rpm with tachometer to control all aspects of speed

78 rpm available on Condor T (Series VII eclipse), but comes stock turned off in software.


2-layer phenolic resin with T6061 aluminum base

Dust Cover

Clear Acrylic


American cherry or walnut standard


Two-year parts and labor

Nova VII Specs


Four-point spring-suspended sub-chassis


Belt drive


44 lbs. (20 kg) turntable


7-1/2″ H (to top of dust cover), 20-1/4″ W, 16-1/2″ D