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Pyxi Phonostage Photo

Pyxi Phonostage

$300 base price

Sota Turntables has teamed up with Wyn Palmer and Bill of Phoenix Engineering to create qualified, ultra-low noise phonostages that perform with predictable results.

The first phonostage to be released is the Pyxi Phonostage which has a price point of $300.00 MSRP and performs well above the price point. Detail extraction is improved with the Pyxi due to the extreme low noise floor that was designed into this phonostage. Balancing the two sides of the phonostage to match in real-world conditions is crucial to great sound downstream. If the phonostage is not designed to match utilizing tight toleranced parts on both right and left channels then the output will always be compromised. We overcome this problem by specifying 1% resistors in the design to ensure consistent performance.

Back of Sota Pyxi Phonostage

We quality check every Pyxi board to ensure that tight tolerances remain for every Pyxi. When we ship you a Pyxi it has been gone through and proven the RIAA curve is flat as the design intent was. The amount of time in design and quality assurance means you are receiving a very impressive phonostage that will not bloat in the midrange, or any part of the sound spectrum.

Sota looks forward to providing you with incredible phonostages.

Operating Manual

For those that want to study the design philosophy behind the Pyxi and Acrux (available Summer 2023) feel free to read the whitepaper completed by Wyn Palmer.