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Sapphire Eclipse Motor Upgrade Kit Photo

Sapphire Eclipse Motor Upgrade Kit

$250 base price

This Sapphire Eclipse Motor Upgrade Kit will give you everything you need to update your old SOTA. This is a drop-in kit that we ship pre-assembled. You will need to add three holes to the back of your cabinet. tThe black plate will cover these holes.

This allows all the wiring for the Condor to pass through the cabinet. Center Power connection, Roadrunner feedback, and sensor connectors are included in the plate.

The only thing you may be missing is the acrylic motor cover that will give you the correct button orientation and get rid of the old-style aluminum or mis-engraved motor cover plate.

This kit is for non-vacuum hold-down tables. If you have a vacuum turntable, please contact us for what you are going to need.