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Sapphire VII Photo

Sapphire VII

The Sapphire’s simple yet effective suspension system has been revered for its ability to reliably isolate the record from the footfalls, environmental noise, and unwanted resonances

$4,550 base price

The SOTA Sapphire™ is forty years young and features SOTA’s famous four-point spring suspension. For decades, this simple yet effective suspension system has been revered for its ability to reliably isolate the record from the footfalls, environmental noise, and unwanted resonances that so often plague even the best listening spaces – without the use of costly isolation racks.

The Series VII Sapphire features a brand new motor control system with improved stability and more torque, as well as a new phenolic resin sub-chassis with ⅛” aluminum bracing. It also makes use of a magnetically levitating platter, which replaces the sapphire disc and all other weight-bearing contact points that the platter would rotate on. This elimination of bearing friction yields a turntable with beautifully dark backgrounds. The Sapphire VII also comes standard with solid aluminum spiked feet, allowing for clearer lows than ever before. With all of these new innovations, we believe that vinyl fans of all tastes can appreciate this lively and musical new installment in the legendary Sapphire line.

The Series VII Sapphire also comes with the option of the Eclipse electronics package, bringing truly state-of-the-art motor control to a modestly-priced turntable.

SOTA turntables have a lifetime trade-in value, your investment in SOTA will never become outdated or obsolete. In twenty years you may want the new SOTA and you can trade in your old model.

Sapphire VII Features


½” phenolic resin platform with .125” aircraft grade aluminum brace, Mdf tonearm well, stainless steel balance points, Matched to the tonearm of choice.


Individually balanced, billet aluminum platter, CNC precision-machined, internally damped with ear material, and topped with an acrylic mat. 14 lbs. of tonally balanced platter. The bushings inside the 360 brass coupling device utilize silicone-impregnated bronze. This special bronze was designed for race car engines and is totally overkill for turntables, which is why we love it so much.

The shaft is made of Stainless Steel and then coated with a very thin layer of Titanium Nitride. Gold in color, the titanium nitride not only improves the Rockwell hardness, but riding against the one-piece bronze bushing ensures longevity and minimal wear vs. older designed Sota turntables. Hand fit for each table. Platter levitates on the force of opposing magnets.

Armboard Mount

Multi-Layer MDF

Power supply

5”x4”x3.25” transformer box, 120V or 240V operation, fuse-protected for Asynchronous motor

Wall wort standard eclipse package

Linear Power supply optional for eclipse package

Motor Systems

1. High-efficiency AC synchronous motor with double-regulated, synthesized sine-wave drive and balanced pulley

2. Eclipse 3 phase BLDC motor, Condor PSU, with optional Roadrunner Tachometer


33.3 & 45 RPM with independent fine-tuning

78 RPM available with Eclipse Package


3-layer acrylic with aluminum base

Dust Cover

Clear Acrylic


Oak, American cherry, or walnut


Two-year parts and labor

Sapphire VII Specs


Four-point spring-suspended sub-chassis


Belt drive


40 lbs. (18.15 kg) turntable


7-1/2″ H (to top of dust cover), 20-1/4″ W, 16-1/2″ D