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Total Eclipse Package Photo

Total Eclipse Package

$1,500 base price Includes the Eclipse Motor, Condor Power Supply, and Roadrunner

For all non-SOTA turntables please review the motor size PDF below, and read owners manual to check compatibility. Will work with many VPI turntables. If not technically minded please work through your local dealer for purchase and installation.

The Eclipse series is available on the Sapphire and Nova as an add-on package.

The Total Eclipse Package comes standard on the Cosmos. This package adds the Roadrunner to the Condor PSU for constant monitoring and adjusting of the platter’s speed at a level that is not discernible by the human ear.

This remarkable device measures and displays the speed of the platter, and constantly adjusts the platter speed to remain within ±.005RPM of the intended speed. The Roadrunners slow, methodical adjustments fight the effects of thermal drift without creating sudden, audible changes in speed.

The Roadrunner also logs the hours of time the platter has spent spinning, which is useful for keeping up with stylus maintenance, among other things. You can now keep a service log on your table maintenance.

The best thing about these features is that the Roadrunner does all of this while you sit back and enjoy your favorite records without any noise or disruption to the speed.

More Infomation

Condor owner’s manual
Roadrunner owner’s manual
Roadrunner Magnet
Roadrunner Sensor Plate Board
Condor Motor Diagram

VPI Conversion Parts

Condor Motor Housing (Assembled)
VPI Scout IEC Plug to Eclipse
VPI Aries II H-40650 Power Plug to 3-Pin Mic Plate (Acryllic)

Total Eclipse Package Specs

Condor Specifications

Power Supply

24VDC wall adapter

Current Intake

500mA nominal Normal; 20mA Standby; 5mA sleep


3 Phase AC Sinewave 3-24V, frequency dependent


1 Hz to 100.0 Hz in 35 ?Hz steps




±1.0 RPM in 0.1 RPM steps Normal Mode
±1.0 RPM in 0.01 RPM steps Calibration Mode

Freq. Stability

Crystal controlled ±30PPM

Freq Accuracy


Roadrunner Specifications

Power Supply

9VDC wall adapter

Current Intake

100mA nominal, 5mA sleep




4 oz


1 piece extruded aluminum


6 digit platter speed readout in RPM


.001 RPM

Serial Data

3.5mm connector 9600N81 DCE

Freq. Stability

Crystal controlled ±2.5PPM

Time Display

0-100,000 hours in .1 hour increments