Heritage Series Table Setup

This is the same procedure for Sapphire, Nova, Star, Cosmos. Once correct weight is in tonearm well, adjust the feet so the sub chassis floats but the platter is level side to side and front to back.

Minute 4:30 covers locking out the platter for transport, or any time you’re moving. Tighten the two cap screws on either side of the 1/2″ platter bolt. Once the platter no longer moves you are ready for moving the Sota Turntable.

Minute 5:30 locking out suspension/sub chassis so the table is ready to be shipped. Make sure to put Cardboard between cabinet and sub chassis on all four sides.

Minute 6:30 Unlocking suspension on your Sota Heritage series Turntable in order to get ready for leveling to the platter.