Inspections & Tune-Ups

Every SOTA turntable employs the same comprehensive design and hand-crafted excellence. Once set up, SOTA tables can provide long-term, maintenance-free enjoyment, and dependability. No matter what the circumstance, SOTA provides a wide range of services to fit your needs. These services include tune-ups, inspections, upgrades/updates, and modifications.


SOTA can provide you with a detailed Inspection Report wherein you will learn everything you’d ever want to know about your table. A prepaid $200 Inspection Fee for non-vacuum or $250 for vacuum table is applicable. A thorough Inspection of your table includes:

  • Cosmetic Condition
  • Packaging Condition
  • Identifying Series of Each Assembly
  • Sapphire & Bearing Condition
  • Electronic Test Results
  • Vacuum Test Results (if Applicable)
  • Accessory Comments and Recommendations
  • Modifications That Have Been Done or can be Done
  • Recommendations of Upgrades and Updates
  • Appraisal for Trade-in Value

Your trade-in value may be applied towards a new or refurbished like-model turntable. If applicable, current exotic wood cabinetry can be moved to your new table. SOTA can also help with your tonearm and cartridge setup. Feel free to ask for help.


Vacuum & Non-vacuum Turntables

  • Rebalance and/or Adjustment of the Sub-chassis & Springs
  • Inspect and Re-lubricate the Bearing Assembly
  • Adjustment & Cleaning of Motor Assembly & Control Panel
  • Inspect, Test & Clean the Power Source
  • Free Drive Belt ($50 Value)
  • Polish the Exterior Finish
  • Recommend Needed Repairs or Parts Replacement
  • Recommend Upgrade Options

Non-Vacuum table $265
Vacuum table $290

Satellite, Comet and Moonbeam Turntable

Inspect & re-lubricate the bearing assembly

  • Adjustment & Cleaning of Motor Assembly & Control Panel
  • Free Drive Belt ($40 Value)
  • Dial Indicate Sub-platter and Main Platter
  • Polish the Exterior Finish
  • Inspect & Adjust Tonearm Assembly
  • Recommend any Needed Repairs or Parts Replacement

Satellite, Comet, and Moonbeam Turntable $150

Each Tune-Up also includes a full list of upgrade options that are available. If you choose any upgrades for your table or choose to trade in your table for a new or refurbished table, the cost of the Tune-Up may be applied.

How to Proceed from Here

Once you have addressed these issues and have decided to proceed, we recommend two options. The first option is to send the table to us for an inspection. Your second option is our Tune-Up Service. Visit services for complete details or download our Upgrade at a Glance Document for more information.