Updates & Upgrades

Every SOTA turntable is manufactured to provide years of dependable musical enjoyment from the treasures in your LP collection. Upgrading ensures your investment in a SOTA will never become obsolete. Upgrading can also be based on your budget. You may choose to use all new parts, reconditioned and/or refurbished parts, or a combination. Some parts may even be modified to enhance sound quality and performance while accommodating your budget.

A variety of items need to be addressed when upgrading or updating your table and determining costs. To start, what’s your serial number or when was your turntable manufactured? And, have you had any upgrades done to your table since its manufacture?

If you have an early series, do you have a wood or metal control cover? What color is your motor pulley? If vacuum, is your vacuum lip short and stiff or thin and flared? Are your armboard screws wood or machine screws? If your table is a non-vacuum Sapphire, do you have an external power supply? If your turntable is a Comet, does your tonearm have a removable tonearm cable?

After we determine your turntable’s vintage, we review each sub-assembly, which compose your table. There are also “Series” of parts within each sub-assembly. These assemblies include:

  • Motor Assembly and Power Supply on Non-vacuum Tables
  • Motor Assembly and Pump/Power Supply on Vacuum Tables
  • Sub-chassis
  • Platter

Once we have identified more of your turntable’s personal characteristics, you choose. You may choose to upgrade with all new parts, reconditioned/refurbished parts and/or a bit of both. Additionally, some parts may even be modified to enhance sound quality and performance while accommodating your budget. For example, partial element or a particular sub-assembly may consist of new parts and upgrades (your motor assembly) and another assembly may be modified to current specifications (your sub-chassis).

Your accessories will also need to be addressed. What type of armboard are you using? Are you using a record clamp? If so, what type? What tonearm and cartridge are you using? Will you be transferring these accessories to your upgraded, new or refurbished turntable?

SOTA Turntables have LIFETIME Trade-In Value

While a lot of options, SOTA tables have always and continue to be made to last. Every SOTA turntable employs the same concept of comprehensive design and handcrafted excellence. Each is manufactured to provide years of dependable musical enjoyment from the treasures in your LP collection. Upgrading can be based on your budget.

Where applicable, we also offer trade-in options wherein you could trade your SOTA table for a new or refurbished turntable. And, exotic wood cabinet owners may carry their custom cabinet to their new choice.

With these thoughts in mind, what’s your serial number?

To further explain the different details in each series upgrade, we look at the most important sub-assemblies. Again, these are the motor, pump/power supply (vacuum), power supply (non-vacuum), sub-chassis and platter.

For the Jewel, Sapphire, Star and Nova turntable, our Series V Motor Assembly is a super-accurate, double-regulated synthesized sine-wave drive system. The ultra-high efficiency, high torque AC motor has sufficient torque to start the heavy platter with exceptional speed stability. Special damping is also added to the overall Motor Assembly to additionally address Environmental Isolation. The Pump/Power Supply, on vacuum tables, also includes the surge regulator formerly known as the Electronic Flywheel “EFW”. Its unique filter adds Control Over Power Line Impurities. Owners of the EFW will now totally eliminate this additional box unit.

SOTA’s Series V Sub-Chassis and hung four-point spring suspension provides control of forces to achieve Dynamic Stability. The sub-chassis’ constrained-mode construction features a core of 9-ply birch with a bolt thru armboard block mounting system. This, in turn, means that your armboard screws go not only into the armboard well but into the sub-chassis, thus improving coupling and rigidity. To further enhance isolation, the sub-chassis incorporates self dampening materials with lead.

A Series V Platter Assembly is again a sophisticated, constrained-mode design that integrates alternate laying of hard and soft materials for internal dampening. To top your platter, you may choose an acrylic Supermat or top-of-the-line Vinyl Format Mat. Additionally, the Groove Damper Mat, or record to mat interface mat, is an inexpensive debris buffer standard on all vacuum mat/lip replacements. It is also available as an accessory.

How to Proceed from Here

Once you have addressed these issues and decide to proceed, we recommend two options. The first option is to send the table to us under an Inspection. Your second option is our Tune Up Service. See Services for full details.

To return your unit for an inspection, you will need a Return Authorization (“RA”) Number from SOTA or you local dealer. You will be required to send prepayment for the Inspection or Tune-Up with the table. Inspection lead-times vary based on service requirements. Once the detailed Inspection Report has been generated, you will be informed of your options and the costs for same.

Pricing does not include shipping charges. Calls or emails are welcomed for a personalized quotation.


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