Aftermarket Non-Sota Eclipse Packages

At this point we’ve done quite a few upgrades for Non-Sota Turntables. We’ve done VPI Prime with aluminum, stainless motor housing. Each needs different levels of machining which we are happy to do for you. We’ve had Trans-Fi tables use our electronics as well as others.

The Condor PSU needs our motor in order to work.

The Roadrunner will not adjust your motor’s speed, it will only work with the Condor and our motor.

We like to receive your motor housing on a Thursday so that we can machine it out on Friday and then assemble everything on Monday and get back to you Monday/Tuesday.

When you look at our pricing understand that this is a lot of times for electronic’s only. We may need additional parts/service for your Non-Sota Turntable.


IEC Plate to replace your plug receiver and adapt your motor housing to accept our 3 pin mic connector.

Motor covers to adapt our motor to your single or double motor housing.

Wiring harness to make your kit look complete with anodized aluminum receiver that has accepting 3 pin mic connector within the housing.

Machining of your motor housing. Stainless housings need to have a square milled into them, as well as the center part have material removed to accept our larger motor.

Aluminum motor housings often need the center milled out to accept our larger motors.

We have stock pulleys built for most Non-Sota Turntables but sometimes we may not. In this case we will often accept the work to make a new pulley, but only when we are doing a production run. It does not make sense for us to setup a 215k swiss screw machine to make one pulley.

We have requests currently to make a 20mm rim drive pulley and we’ve taken on the job, but only when we’re setup to make a production run of Sota Pulleys. We can’t be everything to everyone, and we do our best to do what we can to help everyone that we possibly can.