SOTA Brings Speed Control to a New Level

Series VI Control Board

Series VI Control Board

Our Series VI Sapphire was released and many upgrades were done to these tables.  One of the biggest upgrades was the VI series drive control which was designed by Bill at Phoenix Engineering for SOTA Turntables.  The last electronic upgrade to the SOTA line was in 1991, and so it was time to evaluate the electronics and bring things up to date.

Not only did we take a completely analog system and change to the Crystal controlled synthesized PSU, but Bill was also able to make the dual-phase drive have great torque that minimized vibration from the motor.

For those of you that have no idea what these specifications mean, then you will want to read this paragraph.

The Series VI control offers you speed control that keeps your table running consistently without any perceptible pitch changing.  It is a drag when you are listening to a piano resonate on a recording and the pitch control allows a variation in speed, which in turn changes the overtone color within the sound spectrum.  A consistently controlled turntable will allow you to hear what is on the record without the introduction of speed anomalies.

If you have an older SOTA Turntable you can upgrade easily to the Series VI control.  The four screws that hold your motor control in place will mount exactly the same as the Series VI.   If you have a Pabst motor, then it’s time to upgrade.  They have served you well for over 30 years and it’s time to upgrade before they die.  You will need to purchase a new power supply to work with the Series VI as yours can not be upgraded.

If you have a Series V control on your turntable then the upgrade is much easier.  You only have to send in your motor control assembly, and power supply to be upgraded.  We have to modify your power supply, and then install the series VI control board to replace your V electronics.  Call Donna for pricing at (608) 538-3500 or email at

Specifications For the Series VI drive

  • Adjustable Dual-Phase drive. Creates higher torque and minimizes vibration;  very high end and very few manufacturers offer this.
  • Frequency resolution: 0.01Hz
  • Frequency stability: 30PPM Crystal controlled is the only way to go for a synthesized PSU; analog drives need not apply.
  • Adjustment range: ±1Hz for both 33/45 RPM
  • Distortion: <0.5% (-46dB)
  • Power: 4.5W
  • Reduced power: ~2W
  • Other features: 20bit DDS sinewave generator. Adjustable Freq/phase, factory default, upgradeable firmware. All parameters stored in non-volatile EERPOM.
Series V

Series V